About Me

Hi there! My name is Colin and I'm a freelance web developer.

I've been websites since before I can even remember, starting out with simple HTML as a kid and moving more towards traditional programming in Node.js as of recently. I love working with the JAMstack and static site generators, but I also love building back-end systems with Express and other tools.

I'm also an amateur radio operator. I was originally licensed as a Technician under callsign KO4JZT in December 2020, with an upgrade to General under the same callsign in April 2021. I love operating digital modes like FT8 on the 20m and 40m bands - happy to make a QSO with you anytime!

I'm incredibly interested in building systems of productivity and efficiency. I'm a chat moderator and software developer at The KOA Foundation, an online community focused on productivity and self-improvement. I've recently found the concept of Learn in Public and have started a digital garden where you can follow my learning.

About This Site!

Inspired by the designs of Mark Otto and Patrick Tumbucon.